Ian Burton

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Driving Success

Empowering businesses and individuals to collaboratively achieve their highest potential

We believe in harnessing your unique strengths to drive success.

Our tailored coaching provides actionable insights, empowering individuals and businesses to align their natural strengths with their goals.

By focusing on strengths, we ensure not only enhanced productivity but also genuine satisfaction; allowing us to help you navigate your journey with clarity, confidence, and a clear vision for the future.

The toolbox to accelerate your growth

  • Clarity, accountability and structure

  • Understand and respond to blind spots

  • Energy and focus on what's important

  • People, Structure and Process

  • Inspire, Motivate and Activate

  • Your "Jiminy Cricket" on your shoulder

Over 30 years working with individuals and organisations including

Our customers say:

Ian spent his time learning about me to point me in the right direction, at a time when I needed it, and I'm grateful for his help.

I attended Ian’s “Delegation Dilemma” presentation. Ian made it quite an interactive session and engage everyone to participate and share their experience. He also followed up to see if his material was useful and if there is any other information that might be helpful. I like working with Ian as his material is quite practical and easy to engage with.

Few people have the ability to keep you focused on your goals like Ian. I had the pleasure of having Ian coach me the last few months on a few of my leadership goals. I was always impressed by his ability to refocus me on specific outcomes to move forward, while also sharing broad knowledge about topics I came to the table with. Oh, and his energy is infectious! Ian would be a solid coach for any leader either starting out or wanting to continue growing in their career.

TH.0 was lucky enough to have Ian as a mentor for our Blockchain and AI hackathon. Throughout the weekend he was an asset to all of our teams- providing leadership and being on hand to help anyone with any part of the process. I'd recommend Ian to anyone in need of mentorship, or quite simply a conversation when the going gets tough!!

Ian and I crossed paths during a blockchain hackathon weekend.
During the same, I was quite impressed at Ian's approach towards leadership and team management. His thoughts - both as a team mentor and an overall mentor for the larger audience - was quite impactful, relevant and timely.
The impact of his thoughts within our team was palpable and drove us towards a lofty ideal while keeping us grounded in reality. I particularly liked his thoughts on how to handle disagreement within teams and how to handle conflict. As an individual who works with multiple diverse teams, his thoughts and guidance was very well received and something I currently use in my day-to-day life.

Ian was one of the mentors at a recent Hackathon I participated in. Ian was present throughout the event, keeping the ask-a-mentor channel interesting. He gave tips and suggestions on team work, conflict and other important aspects that you need to consider while developing an idea together as a team, especially in cases like ours where we didn't know each other beforehand. Our team had a session with Ian regarding pitches. He was straightforward with us about presentation and presentation styles and brought his awesome sense of humor with him. I will always remember his note on 'death by powerpoint' and i'll be definitely implementing some of his tips in my own daily work.